The Mayo Clinic does not endorse this product.
“And You Say Mayo Clinic Is Using This Product?”

Foam Bandages by Sun Glitz Corp can be used in a variety of clinics and medical professions.

  • Rhinoplasty – Face Lifts, Plastic Surgery, Breast Surgery, Brachioplasty, and more
  • Orthopedics – Hand and Foot Surgeons, Knee Replacements,
  • Home Health – Nurses, Hospice, Assisted Living, Home Recovery

Foam Bandages work wonders for all individuals. With its non-stick, washable, and form-fitting comfortable compression, you can relax knowing that once it’s in position, it will stay where it needs to. Other bandages can be uncomfortable, sweaty, and bulky. Our foam bandages are meant to give clinics, doctors, and you an “Ouchless Option.”

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