Sun Glitz Corp. provides a NO-LATEX and NO-ADHESIVE foam bandage option to help your home recovery go faster and get you back to doing the things that matter the most to you. Home health locations include:

  • Home Recovery

  • Hospice

  • Out-Patient

  • Assisted Living

Home Health Care is the providing of services through nurses, hospice, and other organizations and businesses where patients receive care and services at home. If you provide care or receive services, you can request or purchase your own medical supplies. Take control of what bandages you use at home, by using foam bandages to stay comfortable, flexible, and dry.

Home Health Care Statistics

  • Around 12 million people require home health care

  • 2/3 of home health care recipients are females (63.8%)

  • In 2009, $72.2 billion dollars was spent on home health care